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English Pointer Hunting Dog For Sale

Male English Pointer: Black and White. HOUSE BROKE. Points Solid, 100% Whoa Broke, Handles Outstanding, Stylish. Retrieves to Hand or Jump and put it on your chest, Force Broke to Retrieve. Wild Bird Experience. Also Worked on Pheasants, Chuckars and Quail on Shooting Preserve. Snoop has an Excellent Disposition. Lots of Personality. He has been worked with on a 1 on 1 basis for almost his entire life. Snoop is definitely not your average English Pointer. Lays on top of the Box. Loves to Go hunting. Also Just Loves People and really understands what you want him to do. He is just a COOL bird dog. Price upon Request

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Snoop Male English Pointer Hunting Dog from Outback Kennels


4 year old Male English Pointer: Solid White. Liver Patch over one eye. Points, Honors, Retrieves to Hand, He has been Force Broke. Buddy is a Shooting Preserve Special. He has Hunted Pen Raised Birds his entire life and he can handle them and he looks beautiful doing it. Buddy is tough as Iron and will hunt as long as you want to Hunt in the Field. He makes an excellent Guide Dog at Shooting Preserves, the Client will be very impressed how this dog handles his Birds. He is Rock Solid in almost every way.

Solid Solid Solid Shooting Preserve Dog. If you hunt Preserves or Guide on Preserve this dog could step in and be your lead guide dog. $3500

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Buddy Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels

Female English Pointer: 1.5 years old. Her father is a Multiple Time Walking Dog Champion "Galens Lotto". She is Whoa Broke and can be  broke to wing and shot and Force broke to retrieve. She is in Training  Right now. You have a couple options with her. She can be bought right now for $2500 and she is ready to go hunting or she can be broke to wing and shot or Force Broke to Retrieve for $3500. Her breeding is outstanding and she is a super nice young female with awesome breeding.

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Josey Female English Pointer from Outback Kennels

Female English Pointer: 1.5 years old. Excellent Style. Her Breeding is Super Super Nice. Her Father is Champion Elhew Fibber McGee, The hottest Elhew Stud in the Country. Both sides of her pedigree are loaded with Champions. She is an Excellent young female in Training and she can be trained to fit your situation, she is gun broke, holding birds and whoa broke right now. $3000 or if you want her farther in her training we can do that also. She has the breeding to start your kennel or raise some fantastic pointer pups. She will be a super nice female, her direct brother was one of the nicest young dogs i have seen.

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Mia Female English Pointer from Outback Kennels


Male English Pointer: 1 year old. White and Black. Force Broke to Retrieve. 100% Whoa Broke, and Gun Broke. He has had about 50 Pen Raised Quail Killed over him and he is ready to Rock and Roll. He can be running at 30 yards and you yell whoa he will put on the brakes. He is Whistle broke and Electric Collar Conditioned. He is The Color every body like, White Body even Marked Black

Head. Pedigree is Outstanding. Points with a lot of intensity. $3000

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Jack Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels


Female German Shorthair Pointer. Points, Honors, Retrieves to Hand, Force Broke, Whoa Broke, Sit, Heel, Load. Outstanding Hillhaven Hustler Pedigree, She is bigger Female. Loves People. Awesome Nose. Hunts Very Hard and Quick in the Field, but Works Close and Handles Great. You just don't find many better looking, well trained, well bred female German Shorthairs, She is only 1.5 years old. She has been hunted on Wild Birds and Preserve Birds. She is the Real Thing. $6500 

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Paige Female German Shorthair Pointer from Outback Kennels




Male German Shorthair Pointer: Born August 18, 2003. Abe is in his PRIME. Points, Honors, Retrieves. Abe has been hunted on Wild Birds and Used as a Guide Dog at Big Time Shooting Preserves for almost his entire life. Abe is the Real Deal. Abe Hunts nice and Close and Handles Awesome, A very inexperienced Handler can have all Kinds of Fun with Abe, he don't need a Professional Behind him, he knows what to do and he works close and wants to Please. Abe is Whoa Broke, Force Broke, Whistle Broke, Sit and Heel. Loads into the Truck. His Hips are OFA Excellent and His Breeding is Outstanding. Father is Jacob VD WestWind and Double Bred Hillhaven Hustler Grandson. Abe is a Solid Solid Solid Bird Dog, most people never get to hunt behind a dog like him. $7500 

Abe Male German Shorthair Pointer from Outback Kennels


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Abe Male German Shorthair Pointer from Outback Kennels





Male German Shorthair Pointer. 13 Months Old.  Father is an AKC Field Champion.  His Mother is out of National Champion Showtimes Rollin Thunder and a 5 Time Champion Heidie Mighty City Slicker Female.  Very well Bred.  Solid liver Front leg, very unique markings.  Nice Young Male.  Points, Retrieves, Whoa Broke, Whistle Broke, Handles Easy and Hunts Close.  $2500

Big Male German Shorthair Pointer from Outback Kennels


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Big Male German Shorthair Pointer from Outback Kennels



Male German Shorthair Pointer: 2 years old.  Father is My Lou Stud Dog and His mother is a Dog Named Spook a Dixieland Rusty Bred Female.  Hershey is Whistle Broke, Whoa Broke and Force Broke to Retrieve.  He is a Small Male Shorthair.  Hershey only weighs about 40 lbs, real nice size for a family dog. Hammers his birds on point. Handles well. Very tough, you can not ruin this dog. He loves to hunt. Good Oklahoma or Texas Dog where conditions are tough, Hershey can handle it. 

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Hershey Male German Shorthair Pointer form Outback Kennels


Shermin:  SOLD

Male English Setter:  1.5 years old.  Outstanding Breeding.  Points, Whoa Broke, Honors on Sight, Whistle Broke, Beautiful Style,  No Force Fetch to Retrieve.  Handles Great.  His Father was my Cash Dog and is Following in those Footsteps.  Super Nice Well Trained Young Bird Dog. Stud Quality.   $2,000



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Shermin Male English Setter from Outback Kennels



Female English Setter.  Outstanding Pedigree.  Raised a Couple litters of very sharp pups.  She is Black and White.  Flat out Hammers her birds on Point.  She is a Meat Dog.  She will put the birds in the bag.  Nice, Experienced 4 year old Female.  $2,500


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Cash: SOLD

 Male English Setter:  2 years old.  Points, Honors, Retrieves to Hand.  Force Broke.  Handle Excellent.  Great Nose.  100% percent whoa broke.  If you yell whoa he will almost slide to a stop.  This dog is a very well trained bird dog.  Lots of Style Pointing his birds.  Real Good Nose.  Make a Nice Competition Dog or a Bird Dog.  Nice Family Companion Also.  Cash is a young dog with a lot great seasons a head of him. This Picture lets you know what a quail feels like.  $4,500



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Cash Male English Setter from Outback Kennels



 Male English Setter:  5 years old.  Good Experienced Setter. Works Close.  Handles Great.  Loads into Truck.  Used Many times as a Stud Dog.  Points Strong.  Nice Bird Dog.  $750

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Skip Male English Setter from Outback Kennels


English Setter Female.  Points, Retrieves, Honors, Whoa Broke, Whistle Broke, Handles Great.  Beautiful Style on Point.  She is a Smaller Female, about 40 pounds.  She is Quick and Snappy on the Ground.  Lots of Style running and Pointing.   She really smacks her birds on point. Being force broke to retrieve Great little Female with a lot of Personality.  Just a fun dog to watch and be around. Excellent Pedigree and Confirmation Sound.   $3,500


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Freckles Female English Setter from Outback Kennels


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