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 Male Chocolate Labrador. 5 years old. This Dude is a MONSTER. I would say he weighs about 100 pounds and He is HUGE. AKC Registered. Nice Solid Wild Pheasant and Quail Dog. Also has done some duck hunting. He is UGLY but when people see him they will never forget him. He is a Cool Dog to have around. I like something different that not everybody else has. AKC Registered. Probably has the biggest head I have seen on a Labrador. $700

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Nosdo Male Labrfador Retriev er Hunting Dog from Outback Kennels
Black 2 year old Female.  Outstanding Pedigree. Great Female to Raise some high Quality Well Bred Puppies: Lady's Sire is: AFC-FC Yellowstones TNT Explosion. His Parents are FC AFC Gunstocks Lethal Weapon and MHR Moon Rivers Cash Kates Choice. Mother is Lizzy which is out of FC AFC sally South Paw. 2Time AFC AFC FC Ebonstar Lean Mac, FC AFC Power Stoke'n Sally, FC AFC Code Blue, FC AFC Gigem By Surprise. She is Loaded.

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Lady Femal Black Labrador Retriever Hunting Dog from Outback Kennels


Male English Pointer: 1.5 years old.  Points, Honors, Whoa Broke, He is being force broke to Retrieve.  Awesome Style.  He is a Fancy Fancy Young English Pointer.  His Father is National Champion "Shadows Attitude" and his mother is a Daughter of Elhew Cruising On.   Jake has all the Potential to be a Walking Dog Champion or a Fine Fine Stylish Young Hunting Dog.  Solid White Body, Even Marked Liver Head.   $6,500


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Jake Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels


English Pointer Male:  Just Turned 6 years old.  Points, Whoa Broke, Retrieves to Hand, Force Broke, Super Stylish.  Close Worker, Handles Great.  Hunted on Pen and Wild Birds.  Nice Experienced Bird with a Ton of Style and Elhew Breeding.  $2500


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Bud Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels



Male English Pointer: 1.5 years old.  Pointing Solid, Whoa Broke, Being Force Broke to Retrieve.  Whistle Broke, Handles Nices, Lots of Style on Point.  Elhew Breeding all the way.  His Father is Elhew Blue and his mother is also a Prefix Elhew Female.  Blue has all the good Elhew Characteristics.   $3500

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Blue Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels


English Pointer Male. 2 years old.  Points, Whoa Broke, Retrieves to Hand.  Force Broke.  Handles Great.  His Father is ROOSTER, this Male produced some of the best dogs I have I owned.   Great Noses, Just a lot of Natural Bird Finding ability.  Real nice young Bird Finder.  $3,500


Rex English Pointer Male from Outback Kennels



4 year old Male English:   Just turned 4 in August 2006.   Points, Honors, Retrieves.  His Father is Delaware River Slick and he is a Champion and great wild Bird Dog.  Gunner is Following in those footsteps.  Gunner almost has a Solid Black Head.  Really Fancy Looking Dog.   Excellent Style on Point.  Hunts Close, Handles Great.  Clean and Quiet in the Kennel.  Solid Solid Bird Dog.  $4,500


Gunner Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels




1 year old Male English Pointer.  His Father is 2005 National Champion Cypress Gunpowder. Copper is orange and white.  He is extremely classy running and pointing in the field.  He is force broke to retrieve and retrieves to hand, Whoa Broke and Honors other Dogs.   He is about as Fancy and Well Bred as you will find in a young Male Pointer and the best thing about him he is already Completely Broke and he has already been used as a wild bird dog and on a Shooting Preserve.  Very Nice Young Trained Bird Dog.  $6,500 

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Copper Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels


 4 year old Male English Pointer. Gaurd Rail breeding. Points, Retrieves. Real nice solid hunter. Works close and handles great. Nice wild Bird Dog or Preserve Dog. Wink has a lot of excellent breeding in his pedigree. Wink is not a big running English Pointer, he hunts hard but stays close and works nice. $4,500 

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Wink Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels



Female English Pointer.  Points Solid. Hunted a Season on Wild Birds.  Very Fancy on Point.  Really nice Started Female.  100% whoa broke.  She does her work great right now, but with a little Polish on retrieving she could be a super super nice dog.  $1,900.



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Ellie Female English Pointer from Outback Kennels



1.5 Year Male English Pointer.  Solid White, Father is National Champion Cypress Gun Powder.   Whoa Broke, Whistle Broke, Extreme Style on Point, He hammers his birds.  Solid Young Bird Dog.   $2500


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Hammer Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels


Male English Pointer: Pete is a NATIONAL SHOOT TO RETRIEVE CHAMPION, he has accumulated 34 Points, also placed in some of the Biggest Trials Shoot to Retrieve puts on. Only 4 years old. He is a bird Finding machine. White and Liver. Points, Honors, Retrieves. Has Hunted Wild Birds in Different States and has Handled many different species of Birds. He is a Champion and a Wild Bird Dog. Unlimited Possibilities if you own this Bird Dog. Lead your Kennel, Hunting Companion, or Go Trialing and WIN. Excellent Nose. Very Very Sharp Dog with his best years yet to come. $7500 

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Pete Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels




English Pointer: 5 years old. ROY IS A CHAMPION. NATIONAL SHOOT TO RETRIEVE CHAMPION. He has accumulated 24 points on limited Trialing. Points, Honors, Retrieves. Force Broke, Honors on Site. Excellent Nose. He is a Bird Finder. Shoot to Retrieve is one of the most competitive trials in the Nation and to become a Champion you will run against some of the best dogs around. Roy will find birds with any of them and handle his game. Stud Quality. Ready to lead your Kennel or Make an Outstanding Trial Dog or TOP TOP Notch Wild bird dog. $4,500 
Roy Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels

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Roy Male English Pointer from Outback Kennels



Female English Pointer. Points Solid, 100 percent whoa broke, 2.5 years old. Force Broke to Retrieve. Retrieves right to Hand. Very Well bred. Father is Galens Lotto a Multiple Time Shooting Dog Champion. Also have littermates tearing up the Field Trial Circuit. White and Orange with the Black Highlights. Excellent Style. She is Super Super Nice and Very well trained. $3000 

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Dixie Female English Pointer from Outback Kennels



1.5 year old Male Yellow Labrador.  Brodi is an ENGLISH BRED LABRADOR RETRIEVER.   Calm and Quiet and a Joy to have around.  He is also a well trained young bird dog.  His Pedigree is IRELAND and UK and ALL import labs.   AKC Registered.  Super Nice young Dog.  He will Sit, Heel, Steady when throwing dummies, Will do multiple retrieves.  Loads into the Truck, Kennels, Force Broke to Retrieve.  Around 50 birds Killed over him.  Great in the Water.  Brodi best attribute is his Calm Personality but at the same time excels in the Bird Field.  Not just your average Labrador.  Breeding, Training and Personality.  Smaller Male. Only about 55 pounds.   $5000

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Brodi Male Yellow Labrador from Outback Kennels




6 year old Female Labrador Retriever. Yellow Female. Outstanding Lean Mac Pedigree. Father is a Field Champion and Son of Lean Mac. Excellent HOUSE DOG, Completely HOUSE BROKE. Great Companion and Family Dog. Excellent Waterfowl Dog. Very Steady in the Blind. Just a very nice well rounded female Labrador. Excellent retriever on upland. $4000


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Annie Female Labrador Retriever from Outback Kennels 


Female Black Labrador Retriever.

 2.5 years old. Very Well bred, Solid Training behind her. Just a real nice young female lab. She is a smaller labrador about 50 pounds, loves birds and loves people. She will make a nice nice young little gundog. $1000

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Other younger, older, or non-registered dogs that will hopefully fit anyone's price range are available just check out the dogs listed below. 

Male and Female English Pointer: 2 years old. Mother is a Crows Little Joe Daughter and Sire is a Grandson. Both Dogs are nice young dogs. Both Dogs need to be Trained. Excellent Pedigrees, Nice Bird Dogs that need to be started. $1000 for the Female, $500 for the Male. The female would make an Excellent Brood Female if you like the Crow breeding. I will be starting on them in the Spring. Pictures upon Request.

Female German Shorthair Pointer: 1 year old, AKC registered. Nice young started female. $1000

Unregistered male and female Pointers. Completely Broke, Point, Honor, Retrieve. $2000 each They are nice.

German Shorthair Pointer: Points, Retrieves, Hunted on Shooting Preserve. Slow and Easy to Handle. AKC $1500 Dollars

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